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Everything you need to know about Kawaii Squishies

Adorable Kawaii Squishies

What are kawaii squishies?

You’ve definitely seen kawaii squishies around and you’ve probably wondered what exactly are they?! Apart from the fact that kawaii squishies are incredibly adorable and cute, these little items can help you more than you ever imagined. Kawaii Squishies are soft toys similar to the classic stress ball. When feeling a little down, or work gets too much, worry not and start playing with your kawaii squishies. Made of polyurethane foam, you can squeeze your squishy over and over again and it will still return to its original form.

Kawaii squishies come in a variety of shapes and forms. The most popular kawaii squishies include shapes of fruits and cats, sweets and bears. Some kawaii squishies have yet another role: when squeezed, they release a sensational scent in the air which is meant to calm you down. Some will release irresistible scents of vanilla and chocolate whilst making you feel nice and fuzzy.

Kawaii squishies can be pocket-sized, as well as jumbo for those in need of a huggable toy. Click to check our kawaii squishies.

Where do kawaii squishies come from?

Kawaii squishies originated in Japan a good 40 years ago. Like so many cute trends, kawaii squishies came to life in Tokyo and it was created as a cuter stress ball. In a country where too many feel the day to day work pressure, having a small pocket-sized stress ball who is also adorable and cute seemed like a great stress reliever.

The history of kawaii squishies

It is believed that Japanese kawaii can be traced back to the Edo period and the use of Netsuke. Netsuke are miniature sculptures invented in the 17 century which were attached to a kimono. They were used to store items as kimonos don’t actually have pockets.

Kawaii was initially associated with certain qualities in the Tale of Genji. The description was referred to pitiful, blushing, embarrassing and adorable.

In the 1970s, a new type of kawaii emerged, due to the invention of mechanical pencils which allowed Japanese teenagers to use fine lines on the paper. This led to the development of cute handwriting and emoji characters.

In 1974, the biggest kawaii invention came to life: Hello Kitty. In 1980, more kawaii characters were introduced, alongside several kawaii squishies.

Soon enough, all kawaii squishies fans started buying them and using them as adorable accessories. Kawaii squishies were now used as charms, keychains and even add-ons to the bedroom and office space.

In 2000, the well-known company Breadou introduced kawaii squishies based on traditional sweets. Think incredibly adorable melon buns, doughnuts and icecreams.

Are kawaii squishies popular?

Kawaii squishies continue to be incredibly popular today. People use them for all sort of reasons. Some really enjoy collecting them as most companies release a variety of kawaii squishies as a set. Other use kawaii squishies as a stress relief. Not only they are squishy, but super cute and smell awesome.

How will kawaii squishies relieve the stress

Kawaii squishies are used to relieve excess energy through repetitive motion. Studies show that this repetitive motion such as squeezing a squishy can improve focus. Playing with a kawaii squishy can also improve strength and quicken your reflexes.

All of the above apply to any stress ball, but as already mentioned, the kawaii squishies have more feature than you ordinary squeezable foam ball. With soft designs, vibrant colours and calming scents, kawaii squishies produce even better results. In fact, they are so incredible, that some even started using them among individuals with sensory processing disorder or autism. Because of their size and shape, you can take them with you at all times.

Where to get your kawaii squishies?

Have a look at our kawaii squishies collections and make sure to order the one that suits your mood the most. We have various categories including cute animals and delicious looking food items. Because we know some people love kawaii squishies which are made of plush, we also have a dedicated collection just for you.

Top 8 Most Popular Kawaii Squishies

KAWAII SQUISHIES Type Features Rating Price

WILLTOO Slow Rising Squishies

Slow Rising Squishy
  • Penguin Shape
  • Scented
  • Cute
  • Soft Touch
4/5 £
Three Colour Ice Cream Squishy Slow Rising Squishy
  • 3 colours
  • ice cream shap
  • PU foam
  • Stress relief
  • Charming and custe gift
4.5/5 ££
Hello Kitty Super Soft Squishy  Super Soft Squishy
  • Adorable Squishy
  • Hello Kitty Branded
  • Trademark bow
  • Decorative 
5/5 ££
JUNKE Rice Bowl Squishy Slow Rising Squishy
  • Cute and adorable
  • Fun to squeeze
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Scented
4/5 £
Cactus Squishy Slow Rising Squishy
  • Super adorable 
  • Colourful squishy
  • Helps with anxiety
  • Fun to squeeze
4/5 £
Jumbo Pineapple Scented Squishy Slow Rising Squishy
  • Cheap Squishies
  • Scented
  • Fun to play with
  • Stress release
  • Cute
4/5 £
Jumbo Yoghurt Bottle Very Slow Rising Squishy
  • Cute
  • Jumbo
  • Pink
  • Stress relief
  • Good quality
4.5/5 £
ibloom squishy Slow rising squishy
  • Scented
  • Branded
  • Relaxed ibloom
  • jumbo size
  • pink colour
3/5 £££

What type of kawaii squishy to get?

There all sort of kawaii squishies to suit your needs and budget, and we want to help you make the right decision. The good news is that unless you decide to go for a branded product, most squishies are well priced. You should consider whether you want a squishy which you can use as a keychain or just a decorative one. Would you prefer a product which is slowly rising or one that is super colourful? Here is what you need to consider before getting a squishy and find our top picks at the end. 


Ideally, you should pick a PU foam squishy as they tend to be the ones which are slow rising. Make sure you carefully read the reviews. to ensure the product you want has this feature. Slow rising kawaii squishies are better for those interested in buying a cute stress ball. If you just want an adorable squishies as an accessory or for decorative purposes, then you can pick any material you want. 


Kawaii squishies come in all sizes and shapes. The round ones are better for those interested in using the squishy as a stress ball, whereby odd and innovative looking ones make great decorative objectives. Have a look at the rice bowl squishy, which, although super cute, cannot be used as an accessory, but it could be used to engage in games for kids. 


The 9-inch kawaii squishies are the jumbo ones which allow you to still use them as stress balls as well as accessories. Anything smaller is usually attached to bags for fashion purposes whilst anything biggers becomes too cumbersome and good for those in need of a huggable squishy. 


Well there is no denying that most kawaii squishies are super cute. You can now pick between super adorable cats and dogs, fruit and veg as well as household objects like small bowls. There are of course fantasy creatures like the ibloom squishies or the incredibly yum looking Hello Kitty squishies

Our top favourite kawaii squishies

Nibesser Jumbo Scented Slow Rising Kawaii Squishies

WILLTOO Slow Rising Squishies

Omaky Jumbo Scented Slow Rising Squishies

Cactus Kawaii Squishies

Rice Bowl Kawaii Squishies

WATINC 9 inch Jumbo Three-color ice cream Squishes

Sanrio Hello Kitty Super Soft Squishy Big Donut Ball Chain (Half Chocolate / Chocolate)

i-Bloom Millie the Whale Squishy Relaxed Version