Cactus Squishy

Have you ever wanted to squeeze a cute little cactus? Well, this is your time! Because we finally have the kawaii squishy which enables you to play with a super adorable cactus. A happy green cactus, in a beige pot, is all you need to brighten your day and help release your stress. This is a slow rising squishy part of the relatively cheap squishies categories, with a price of $10. It's made of PU for extra fun, super jumbo to properly fit in your hand. We very much like it because it's super cute and totally unusual. For flora lovers who always wanted a cactus pot on their desk, this is the time to get a cute and squishy one. Don't forget to check our kawaii squishy store for more options. 

The Pros

It's adorable, made of PU material and it is relatively large to fit in your hand. We like that it's unique and innovative. Who thought of making a kawaii squishy in the shape of a prickly plant? It's ironic and we love that. We love the big eyes and cute shape, as well as the bright colours. Beyond being cute, it's practical but also makes a great accessory and a super adorable addition to any desk or window sill. 

The Cons

As much as we love this cactus toy, we do feel there are other kawaii squishies which are a bit more premium. This squishy lacks a nice scent. Although it's a cheap squishy, we expected it to be more durable. Doesn't have a way to be attached to a bag or purse, which means that it can be used as a stress ball or for decorative purposes only. 

The Verdict

Even though it has its faults, we simply love the way this cute kawaii squishy looks like. We can't resist it, and this is the main reason why we would recommend it. We love the colours and the idea of playing with a cactus toy. It has a unique design and we believe it would fit on every desk for those interested in getting an unconventional and totally adorable squishy plant. 

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Cactus Kawaii Squishies