Hello Kitty Super Soft Squishy

Hello Kitty is perhaps the most famed kawaii character. Now over 40 years old, it's hard to imagine anyone in the world who hasn't heard of Hello Kitty before. Hello Kitty is one of the most adorable characters and as a well-established brand it's easy to imagine why so many people prefer a branded, good quality, Hello Kitty kawaii squishy. Is this meant to be your next squishy? Let's find out the pros, the cons and the verdict. 

The Pros

One of the obvious pros is that everyone knows and wants a Hello Kitty kawaii squashy which makes it the perfect present for kids and adults alike. It comes with the trademark bow which makes it recognisable and special. Being cat shaped but presented as a doughnut, it's one of the most fun and intelligently designed kawaii squishies. It's large enough to be used as a stress ball and as a decorative item for bags, backpacks, office and home. It comes with the tag and the little chain so it's ready to be attached to your favourite item and used as an accessory. 

The Cons

It looks excellent and it's obvious this is a good quality product. However, it's not a true slow rising squishy like the three-coloured ice cream kawaii squishy for example. It lacks a nice scent which would have made this the absolute best kawaii squishy out there. 

The Verdict

It's a great, durable product which looks amazing and it has the right size. We very much love it and we would purchase it again and again. It's not a cheap squishy, although if we take into account the famed brand and superb adorable look and feel, we would say it's well priced. Click below to order your Hello Kitty kawaii squishy!

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