Junke Rice in a Bowl Kawaii Squishies

We think everyone here should agree that this adorable rice bowl has to be the cutest kawaii squishy ever! A smiley face in a super bright bowl, slow rising and totally different than anything else on the market, makes this one of our favourite kawaii squishies. It's made of PU foam which makes it great and durable, and it is recommended for kids over 5 years old. It's great for stressed adults as well as kawaii enthusiasts.
So what is it about this particular squishy which made us put it in our top 8 kawaii squishies for review? Let me tell you about the pros, the cons and the final verdict.

The Pros

It's adorable! This has to be one of the most adorable kawaii squishies ever. It's made of good quality foam which makes it durable. It's well priced, making it part of the cheap squishies category. Including delivery, it's just under $6. It's cream scented which makes it even better for stress relief and it's adorably shaped in a rice bowl. It's innovative and different, unlike any other squishies we have seen. Overall, it's a great product, one which we can see on display on kitchen counters as well as office desks. The size is also quite impressive 12 x 10 cm, making it perfect for the jumbo category squishies.

The Cons

Although big and durable, this kawaii squishy doesn't come with an option to be added to any bag or backpack. This means ti cannot be used as an accessory. We think this is a really cool product, one which could be so versatile in use. Nevertheless, there are no other faults with it, given its price, size and design. 

The Verdict

We say absolutely go for it! It's such unique design and super cute idea. Definitely one of our favourite kawaii squishies. Everyone in the office has one on the desk and we have three more on the kitchen counter. We just couldn't resist the cute! Click the product below to order yours.

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Rice Bowl Kawaii Squishies