WILLTOO Slow Rising Squishies

This is our favourite of all kawaii squishies because of its cream scent, adorable look and slow rising soft touch material. It's a full hand size which makes it great for kids over the age of 6, and adults. It is reasonably priced for less than $5 which makes it one of the best cheap squishies out there. It can be used a stress ball or as a decorative kawaii item on your desk or at home. You can read more kawaii squishies reviews or check out the history of kawaii squishies.

Key features:

  • Elastic Environmentally PU,
  • Soft Touch
  • Full Hand Size
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Wonderful present
  • Stress relief
  • Cute design


One of the cutest kawaii squishies out there which is not just good quality but affordable too. It smells adorable and it is soft riding which makes it even more fun to play with. Being penguin shaped the design is still round which makes it easy to hold in the hand. It acts as a great stress ball and it's a fantastic decorative product. 


Although is good quality considering is part of the cheap squishies category, this kawaii squishy won't last that long when used daily. We class it as slow rising although some prefer even a slower rising option. The quality and touch of the foam could be improved on and the scent should be long-lasting.

The Verdict

For the quality and price, we believe this to be the top of the kawaii squishies. It's fun, cute, adorable and it costs under $5. It is ideal for kids and adults and makes it a great addition to every person in need of some more fun or a good stress relief toy. We would absolutely say to go for this product!

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WILLTOO Slow Rising Squishies