Kawaii Squishies Reviews

Ready to learn more about kawaii squishies? Which one to pick and why? Would you like a popular ibloom squishy or a branded Hello Kitty option? What is the difference between all silly squishies and should you opt in for a cheap squishy as a present? Learn more about the materials, their history, branding background and find out your next best stress relief toy in our kawaii squishy store
Grab a cup of tea and let's dive into the cute world of kawaii squishies:

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WILLTOO Slow Rising Squishies

Are you looking for a good quality, cute and adorable Slow Rising Squishy? Then the Willtoo cute penguin is the option for you. This full hand size stress relief squishy is a fantastic kawaii squishy for beginners. It is great for kids and adults alike. It takes approximately 7 seconds to rise and it smells really nice. The best thing about this penguin kawaii squishy is that it belongs to the cheap squishies category without compromising on the quality. In terms of cute, quality, design and price, the Willtoo Slow Rising Squishy is our absolute favourite. Read the full review here.

WATINC Three Colour Ice Cream Squishy

Our second favourite from the kawaii squishies list is the 3 coloured Watinc Ice Cream Cone. It is a slow rising quality squishy which not only looks adorable, but it is cream scented which makes it a great choice for a gift. It measures 9 x 5 x 5 inched so this kawaii squishy belongs to the jumbo category. The material is an elastic environmentally PU foam. It is a great toy for kids and adults alike. This adorable ice cream cone is not part of the cheap squishies category, however, for the quality, this item is well priced. Read the full review here.

Hello Kitty Super Soft Squishy 

There is no kawaii squishies list without a Hello Kitty delicious looking doughnut. As you may know from the kawaii squishies story, Hello Kitty is now over 40 years old and remains one of the most adored kawaii characters ever invented. This item is not edible even though it looks absolutely adorable. It comes with a ball chain and the famed Hello Kitty trademarked bow. It is super soft and perfect to decorate a bag or pouch. Read the full review here.

JUNKE Rice Bowl Squishy

A true kawaii squishy which looks incredibly adorable. Who would have thought that a small bowl of rice can be so cute and huggable? Made of elastic PU foam, this squishy is perfect for those who need a fun squeezable stress releaser. It is scented and very soft. It's part of the cheap squishies category as it costs under $5 per item. What's not to love about it? Read the full review here.

Cactus Squishy

Have you ever wanted to squeeze a cactus? Well, this is your chance with this adorable kawaii squashy in the shape of a prickly cactus. Colourful and super soft, this slow rising cheap squishy makes a perfect present for kids and adults alike. We love the idea of how innovative it is to make a cactus squashy which sure is out of ordinary. It is super fun to squeeze and an excellent stress releaser. Part of the cheap squishes category as it costs under $5. Read the full review here

Jumbo Pineapple Scented Squishy

These pineapple kawaii squishies have been created for all foodies out there. Imagine the satisfying soft squishy which releases a lovely scent of pineapple upon pinch. It is slow rising and super fun to play with. It is a great choice for a gift and can be used as a key ring, attachment to your pouch or bag. Being priced at under $5 it is definitely part of the cheap squishies category. Click to read the full review.

Jumbo Yoghurt Bottle

It's fair to assume that the coolest kawaii squishies are the most out of ordinary. Take this yoghurt bottle for example. It looks cute, adorable and super huggable. Part of the cheap squishies, priced at under $5, this good quality, pink squishy is fantastic for kids and adults. It is very slow rising and made of PU foam which makes it very satisfying to squeeze and play with.

ibloom squishy

Everyone wants an ibloom squishy as these cute little whales are the next big thing in the kawaii squishies world. We love the ibloom Millie the Whale squishy as a relaxed version. Looks super cute, it's pink and scented. An ibloom squishy comes with a guaranteed quality being super soft, slow rising and long-lasting. It also smells really wonderful, unlike other kawaii squishies.